LendingUSA Teams Up With BridalLoans.com!

BridalLoans.com has joined forces with LendingUSA to make it easier than ever to pay for your wedding and wedding-related costs. As one of the first companies to ever offer wedding financing, BridalLoans.com has helped couples all over the U. S. afford the wedding of their dreams. By aligning with LendingUSA, they will be able to approve even more Bridal Loans.

As usual, we have integrated our application directly into the BridalLoans.com website, so visitors are now able to see almost instantly whether or not they qualify for wedding financing. Well-qualified applicants can even get approved for multiple payment options and have the freedom to select one that best fits their budget.

BridalLoans.com has a portfolio of merchant partners including wedding planners, boutique dress shops, flower shops, and more. With this new LendingUSA partnership, merchants will now be able to offer instant approvals while the customer is still in the store. This will give those merchants the capability to sell to even more customers while at the same time making it easier to pay for their goods and services.

We know how important it is for brides to have their big day be just perfect. Now, couples won’t be constrained by how much money they have. LendingUSA and BridalLoans.com can give them the ability to pay for the large cost of their wedding over time, instead of all at once.

Even with bad credit or no credit at all, we still may be able to help you find financing. We work with a lot of lenders who can still help those with a poor credit history. Our application also allows for a co-signer, which can make your chances for approval even higher.

If you are a wedding planner or wedding merchant considering financing options for your customers, LendingUSA and BridalLoans.com can let you sell more to more people. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to approve customers in-store so that you never have to worry about losing another sale due to your customer’s inability to pay.

Visit BridalLoans.com to find out more!

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