MyLaserLoan Joins LendingUSA’s Network!

MyLaserLoan, the #1 source for nearly every type of laser surgery financing is the newest member of LendingUSA’s expanding network. We have joined forces with MyLaserLoan to give them the power to approve more loans than ever before. With our proprietary lending platform, visitors to MyLaserLoan will be able to get reviewed quickly for a loan to help pay for their laser surgery.

Laser Surgery can be expensive and many insurance companies either won’t cover the procedure or will only pay for part of it. With LendingUSA’s built-in application, visitors to will be able to find multiple financing options and have the ability to pick the payment plan that is right for them. Now, affording laser surgery will be possible for countless individuals who were unable to pay for it previously.

Plus, with our responsive application, applicants will be able to request financing right from their tablet, smartphone, or PC. LendingUSA’s application portal will remove much of the worry and embarrassment associated with traditional financing. With our fast pre-approval decisions and the ability to apply from the privacy of your own home, you won’t have to waste time wondering whether or not you will qualify.

Whether you are looking for a loan to help pay for your LASIK, hair removal, Zerona, or you just want to finally get rid of that old tattoo, LendingUSA and MyLaserLoan can help you afford the procedure you need.

Even if you have had credit problems in the past, we still may be able to match you up with a laser loan. We have a vast network of lending partners, many of which specialize in helping those with less-than-perfect credit.

If you are a clinic, doctor, spa, or other facility looking to offer your patients financing options, LendingUSA and MyLaserLoan can give you the ability to offer your services to more people than ever before. Contact us today for a free demo to find out how easy it is to offer your customers affordable monthly payment plans at no risk to you or your business.

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