TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR DEBTFreshstart Loans are the smartest way to consolidate & pay off your debt
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Freshstart Loans are the smartest way to consolidate & pay off your debt

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Pay off your debts faster and easier through one low monthly payment at a fixed rate. Learn more about your debt consolidation options and speak to one of our loan specialists today!

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How a Freshstart debt consolidation loan can help you

Pay down high-interest debt, faster

Pay down high-interest debt, faster

Get a single FIXED RATE and one low monthly payment

Get a single FIXED RATE and one low monthly payment

You may be approved even with less than perfect credit

You may be approved even with less than perfect credit

Call now to speak with a dedicated debt consolidation loan specialist


3 Easy Steps To Get Started



Call Toll Free to discuss your debt consolidation options with our friendly staff



Enroll in a participating program1, make a down payment or complete eligibility activities2, and apply



Get approved. Loan will consolidate your enrolled accounts, leaving you with one easy monthly payment


“I am currently enrolled in a credit counseling service. I received notice that I was eligible for a pre-approved loan through LendingUSA. I was put in contact with Mr. Mauricio L who walked me through the process. The process was very easy to navigate and the quickness was fantastic. Mr. Lopez answered all questions and very professional. I would highly recommend their services. I am now receiving calls that all my credit cards debt are being paid by the loan I secured from LendingUSA. What a relief to able to consolidate all my debt into one payment when no other loan agency would even consider me.”

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E. Martin

“I was very satisfied with the process from beginning to end. Daniel L. was very knowledgeable, he explained everything very clearly and answered all my questions.”

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M. Litchfield


Freshstart Lending: How to Pay Off Your Debts Faster with a Debt Consolidation Loan

Why Choose Freshstart Lending?

If you’re struggling with debt, you should choose LendingUSA’s Freshstart Lending. Why? Well, for one thing, Freshstart Lending is an easier and faster way to pay off your debt. There are no hidden fees involved and there are favorable loan terms, so you can choose an option that best fits your needs.

How Does Freshstart Lending Work?

The Freshstart Lending process is simple. First, you will enroll in a debt settlement program with one of our debt settlement company partners1. Our partner will then create a payment plan for you to follow in lieu of paying your creditors. After you’ve made at least six full payments into your program’s escrow account2 , you’ll be eligible to apply for a Freshstart Lending loan. This debt consolidation loan will help you settle your debt at a reduced amount. Once you’re approved, you will receive the funds to pay off your creditors in your program’s escrow account. Then, you’ll just make one monthly Freshstart Lending loan payment (with a low interest rate) and will have paid off your enrolled debt once and for all.

What is a debt settlement company?

A debt settlement company, or a DSC, is a company that helps you renegotiate your debts. Freshstart Lending partners only with debt settlement companies that have met our rigorous compliance guidelines. These companies will help you get on track with your debt so you can make the six consecutive payments and get your Freshstart Lending loan.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is the process by which a loan is used to pay off other loans and so you’re left with just one monthly loan payment. The main reason many borrowers seek to consolidate their debt is because in doing so, oftentimes they are able to get a lower interest rate on their one monthly payment than when they are making several payments to various creditors. Another reason why debt consolidation may be right for you is it’s simply easier to make one payment per month than having to make multiple per month to different creditors.

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All loans are made by our lending partners. Amounts financed range from $1,000 to $35,000. Loans are not available in every state. An origination fee of up to 8% may be included in the principal loan amount that results in an APR up to 29.99%. Loan approvals are subject to credit underwriting and identity, income and/or employment verification.

Debt Settlement Program Overview:

1. Upon contacting LendingUSA, you will be referred to a participating debt settlement company (“DSC”) that offers a participating debt settlement program (“Program”). LendingUSA may receive compensation from the DSC related to this referral. By enrolling in a Program, the DSC will create a payment plan for you and set up a customer dedicated account (“CDA”) for you to make those payments to, so that they can be escrowed. You will then be asked to stop paying on your enrolled debt. The DSC will then attempt to settle your debt for less than what you owe and use those escrowed payments to pay off your creditors over time for a fee. Enrolling and participating in a Program may have adverse credit, tax, and legal consequences.

2. To be eligible to apply for a Freshstart loan through LendingUSA, you must enroll in a Program and either (i) deposit a specified percentage of your enrolled debt into your CDA as a down payment, or (ii) you must make a minimum of 6 full monthly payments into your CDA, the last 3 of which must be consecutive and cannot be late or returned due to nonsufficient funds. Loan proceeds shall only be used to pay off and consolidate the accounts that you enrolled in the Program and must be repaid.

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