Point of sale financing for pet stores & pet retail


Point of sale financing for pet stores & pet retail

Businesses like yours provide loving companions to all kinds of people. Now more of those furry friends can find the right homes with hassle-free, point-of-sale pet store financing. Give your customers the easy option to apply for pet loans.


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Benefits of Pet Store Financing & Point of Sale for Pet Stores
with LendingUSA

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

With more ways to pay, your customers can afford the purchases they want, allowing you to retain loyal customers and attract new ones.

Get Paid Faster

Get Paid Faster

Receive your payment up front and faster with direct funding to your business within a few days—we assume the risk of default.

Pre-Approvals in Seconds

Pre-Approvals in Seconds

With a 24/7 online interface, your customers can apply online anytime and receive a pre-approval decision within seconds.

How LendingUSA Works

How LendingUSA Works


There's no cost to get started. Sign up today and get access to your online financing portal, along with one-on-one onboarding and training with your dedicated account manager.



With LendingUSA, you have the power to offer pet store financing to any of your customers with a process that takes only a few minutes.



Because we fund your business directly in a matter of days, you can turn your attention toward attracting new customers with an easier way for them to pay.


Pet Store Financing & Point of Sale Services for Pet Stores

Pet retail, or pet store financing, is a great way to drive business at your pet store or pet supply store. By offering point-of-sale financing, you can allow customers to make manageable monthly payments rather than paying in full and up front. Many families don’t have the thousands of dollars on hand to purchase a new pet and its associated supplies. Pet store financing can put that new family member within reach. Keep reading to learn how pet store financing can help you turn your window shoppers into paying customers.

Why would you need financing for a pet store or pet retail?

Although most consumers agree that high-quality pet products and healthy animals are usually worth every penny, those expenses can add up for everyday families. Many people have plenty of love to give the right pet but may not be able to afford that animal or its accessories without pet retail financing. Point-of-sale financing is a common practice across many industries, and pet stores should be no exception. By breaking down a large one-time payment into several smaller payments, your customers can increase their buying power. When pet retail customers feel like your product is more accessible to them, they’re more likely to return for future purchases. They may even send friends and family members your way, potentially growing your pet store’s customer base exponentially.

Do you offer financing at your pet retail business? Pet store financing can be a quick and effective way to grow your business. Customers love to have options when they pay, and your pet retail business is no exception. When it’s easier for your customers to pay, it’s easier to sell more merchandise.

By adding financing for pet retail to your business model, you can turn your attention to the quality of the products you provide and worry less about keeping up with your competition.

What are the best options for pet store loans?

Point-of-sale pet retail financing lets your customers bring their best friends home immediately and pay later, often at a monthly rate that fits right into their budget. Many people who come into your store to “just browse” may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you offer the convenience of financing, putting that furry bundle of joy within reach. Pet retail financing can turn your window shoppers into paying customers, even encouraging them to make larger purchases than they normally would if they were paying up front. Point-of-sale financing solutions companies such as LendingUSA make it easy for you to offer pet store financing. Financing through LendingUSA may result in lower interest rates and higher loan amounts than a traditional line of credit.

How do you qualify for a pet store loan?

Qualifying your customers for pet store financing is much simpler than it sounds. There’s no need for your point-of-sale employees to be financial experts and they should offer your financing option to all of your customers, as you never know who may be interested in financing their purchase. Although a good credit history may help keep your customers’ interest rates low, less-than-favorable credit isn’t an automatic disqualification for pet store financing. A customer interested in financing simply needs to submit an application through the LendingUSA merchant or online portal. If pre-approved, your customer may receive multiple loan offers so he or she can select the option that works best for them.

What is point-of-sale financing for pet stores?

Point-of-sale financing for pet stores is a way to give customers an additional option to pay for their purchases beyond paying in full and up front with cash or using a credit card. Point-of-sale financing works like an unsecured auto loan or other type of consumer loan. Your business is funded directly by our lender, so your bottom line won’t be negatively affected. In fact, you may see your profits grow as your customers’ buying power increases and they realize they can afford the purchases that they really want!

Why would customers want to finance their pet purchases?

The most significant reason a customer might want to finance a pet purchase is simple economics. Many Americans don’t have thousands of dollars of discretionary income on hand to make the big purchases they want. While credit cards are an option, their hidden fees, high interest rates, and low limits can be deterrents. Point-of-sale pet store financing through LendingUSA offers a simple, straightforward, and safe alternative to cash or credit card payments. Once your customers discover how financing their pet store purchase can boost their buying power, they’re likely to make bigger purchases than they would have otherwise.

Advantages of LendingUSA’s point-of-sale financing for pet retail

There are many advantages to choosing LendingUSA for your pet retail financing. We offer point-of-sale promotional financing options, like 0% interest if the principal balance is paid in full within six months, to your customers. Our state-of-the-art technology also provides each applicant with an on-the-spot prequalification decision that doesn’t impact their credit score. Finally (and perhaps most importantly), your pet retail business can receive funding within just a few days of your customer signing their contract.

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