Personal loans for good & bad credit

Now a lack of funds doesn’t have to keep you from getting the products and services you need. Our personal loans program is fast, easy, and affordable. Because why wait?

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Customers love our soft pull personal loans because it offers:

More approvals

We can approve a wide range of credit scores. And more approvals mean more ways for you to receive exactly the right kind of chiropractic care you need.

Increased buying power
Up to $47,500

We can provide loans from $1,000 to $47,500. That gives you the power to afford more of the services you want, when you want them.

Affordable payment plans
A budget-friendly solution

We offer affordable monthly payment options and fixed rates, giving you the ease of paying over time.

Zero penalties, hassles, or delays
0 regrets

We designed our loan products with you in mind, and have no tolerance for prepayment and interest rate penalties. So we don’t charge any.

What makes our soft pull personal loans better than a credit card?

Unlike credit cards, LendingUSA offers fixed payment amounts with fixed terms. This gives you greater control over how you manage your monthly expenses.

Application Time
Pre-approval Decision

You can apply for a personal loan online, from anywhere. Simply provide the required information, choose your term and monthly payment, and then sign the online agreement. It’s all fast, easy, and secure.

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Get the goods and services you want with our easy payment options.

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