4 Unique Ways to Promote Your Practice

As a chiropractic professional, you’ve probably promoted your practice through social media, newsletters, and email campaigns. You may even have resorted to old-school print ads or mailers to cull new patients. Here are a few unique spins on how to maximize your promotional efforts and create a lasting impression on prospective patients.

Reach out to and educate your local community

Contact gyms, Lamaze classes, schools, senior care facilities and other community groups to schedule information sessions at those facilities. People will already be at their classes and events so they don’t have to drive to another location to hear your presentation.

Explain that chiropractic is not only a wellness protocol that eases pain and other conditions, but one that is preventive too. You could also show people how to correct their posture or train with correct movements to avoid injury, for example. A common misconception about chiropractic is that patients visit only when pain occurs.

Educating attendees that they can benefit from treatments before serious injury or pain begins will help them recognize your specialty as one that serves ongoing health and wellness.

Maximize social media by giving readers information about the conditions you treat.

For example, weekly Facebook posts could describe the conditions patients have, including sciatica, herniated discs, leg pain, whiplash, or back strain and the symptoms that accompany them. Form an archive that readers can browse through if they happen to miss your weekly posts.

But remember, never give out medical advice or diagnose patients on social media or the Internet because it’s a huge liability risk. Instead, invite readers to call your office for a consultation.

Provide monthly meets-and-greets at your office

Invite existing patients to speak about their conditions and treatments with new patients. Limit the number of patients to one or two per meeting, each having a different chiropractic presentation. This will help to keep the meetings manageable and make sure attendees have all their questions addressed.

Host evening mixers for local gyms, dance schools, athletic organizations and even senior centers

Serve appetizers and beverages and feature a band or DJ, so guests feel pampered. You can explain what your practice offers, what treatments are like, and invite guests for a Q&A with you and your staff. Make sure to present attendees with a business card/coupon for a discounted service or free consultation.

Putting a face to the name of your practice is the “next-gen” in its promotional evolution. Physically interacting with patients works to humanize you and build trust-based, person-to-person relationships that go beyond the impersonal effect of flyers, emails and other faceless forms of promotion.

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