We are LendingUSA

We're a technology-driven financing solution that gives you the power to offer affordable financing to your customers - right at the point of sale.

LendingUSA has pioneered an automated financing portal specifically created to help businesses grow. Our unique approach has created a true one-stop solution for your customers' financing needs, offering an affordable financing option that allows them to quickly purchase the goods and services they want.

Leadership Team

Camilo Concha


Ron Oertell


Manoj Mathew


Johannes Haze


Howard Freedland

Vice Chairman

David Rueda

Executive Vice President

Jon Barhorst


Andrew Cosgrove

General Counsel & CCO

Our Company Values
At LendingUSA, we value:


Whatever we set out to do, we always keep our customers’ end benefit in mind. We’re a “think it through” organization that takes the time to evaluate people, process, and ideas. Once we have the right level of insight, we’re not afraid to take decisive action to do what’s right – for our employees, and for you.


Throughout our organization, we strive to be truthful, fair, consistent, and transparent. To that end, we hold each other accountable and support one another when needed. Every day, we choose excellence – which shows itself in our spirit of collaboration. And in the quality of the solutions we deliver to you.


While we’re a data-driven company, we value ideas even more. Ideas so bold they challenge the norm – and even each other. We’re always learning, ever-curious, and open to change.

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