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LendingUSA's point-of-sale customer financing solution gives your business a better payment solution. Find out how:

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LendingUSA's point-of-sale merchant financing for customers platform was designed for ease-of-use. For merchants, that means the opportunity for more approvals, less fees, and faster payment.

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Lower merchant fees

We don’t charge any fees for sign-up or membership. Plus, promotional financing is included at no extra cost to you. Because growing your business should never come with high fees.

More approvals

We approve loans for higher ticket goods and services in a variety of industries we serve. Because when borrowers have greater purchasing power, it can lead to higher returns for you.

Instant pre-approval decisions

Our proprietary technology combines established best practice with advanced underwriting and fraud detection. That means on-the-spot-decisions, with no impact on a borrower's credit score to see if they're pre-approved. .

Faster funding

We pay your business within days of the borrower signing the contract. Because faster payments lead to healthier cash flow - which can lead to better cash flow for your business.

Industries we serve

We provide merchant financing for customers for a variety of niche industries:

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It’s a seamless experience for merchants and borrowers

A Seamless Experience

At every step, we provide you with all the tools you need for a seamless and efficient point-of-sale experience - for both merchants and borrowers.

A No-Hassle Solution

With pre-approval decisions in seconds, 24/7 access to your merchant portal, and dedicated support, merchants can avoid hassle while providing better payment options for their customers.


Our proprietary point-of-sale technology was designed for ease-of-use. We make it simple for your business to get paid.

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