Four Things Every Chiropractic Landing Page Needs

Chiropractor Landing Pages/Web Templates

As a chiropractor, your success with patients isn’t always as apparent as it would be for cosmetic surgeons or dentists. Other than word-of-mouth advertising, an interactive, engaging website is one of the most effective ways to attract new patients.

The very first page that appears when visitors type in your web address or click one of your ads is called a “landing page,” also known as the “lead-capture page.”

If your landing page is too cluttered or hard to navigate, you won’t ever know how many potential patients you missed serving. Here are the must-haves when building your website and its “LP:”

1. Start with an engaging headline.

The main headline of your landing page should offer the reader a reward just for reading, or a “how can I say no” proposition.

Your headline should trigger an actionable emotion by asking a question similar to “Are you fed up with back pain?” and be followed up with an equally enticing subheadline.

This pairing works to fascinate the reader enough to explore more about you, your practice, and your services.

2. Include a strong Call To Action (CTA).

This compels the reader to want to find out more about your practice and your services. You could offer free consultations or discounts on select packaged menu services.

You could even program the CTA to appear as a pop-up window if the visitor attempts to leave your site, offering an even more enticing discount or package deal.

If offering these options isn’t within your means, at least provide an “Opt-In Box,” where visitors can leave contact information so you can target them with marketing efforts such as free videos, reports or other general chiropractic information.

3. Feature written testimonials from patients.

You could put written testimonials and photos of some of your patients on your landing page. Make sure you capture a broad demographic of your patient base: Men, women, seniors, and millennials, to start.

Video testimonials . Always obtain a signed release from the patients you select to appear on your website, but don’t draft one yourself. Get an all-inclusive release from your attorney to protect yourself, your patients and your practice.

4. Include high-quality images.

These could be before-and-after images of actual patients showing increased flexibility or stock photos of healthy people exercising, eating and being active and healthy. Carry this practice through to the images of you and your staff. Make sure they’re clear and professional-looking.

But remember, don’t overdo it and clutter your landing page. Too much information-even information that’s not intuitively accessible-will probably drive a viewer away.

Still puzzled about how you could maximize your landing page? There are many examples online, and web hosting sites offer hundreds of pre-designed website templates.

Check out the template example from this online website builder. As long as you include the must-haves, your site doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. The cleaner and more engaging, the easier it’ll be for visitors to navigate, engage and book an appointment with you.

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