Why It’s Critical to Discuss Payment Options With Your Chiropractic Patients

Chiropractor Payment Plans

As a chiropractor, you take a holistic and collaborative approach to patient health. Patients look to you as a trusted resource for pain management and preventative treatments. But it doesn’t stop there.

Nutrition and diet. Exercise, healthy work and lifestyle habits. Stress management. You likely offer advice and insights in each of these areas.

It can be challenging to stay current on things that benefit the wellbeing of your business while investing so much energy in staying on top of current treatment and health trends for your patients.

One way to help your business as well as your patients is to focus on payment options for out-of-pocket costs. In particular, chiropractic patient financing has multiple advantages for you while it allows patients to better manage ever-growing health-related costs.

To set some context, consider this question: How do you encourage patients to take advantage of effective, more expensive treatment protocols, like stem cell therapy and neuropathy treatments when they may find it hard to afford them?

Growing deductible and out-of-pocket costs — with increases over 29% — make it challenging for patients to come up with payment for treatments they need. And, this same issue makes it tough to grow your business.

It’s not unusual for chiropractors and patients alike to think in limited terms when it comes to paying for chiropractic care. You might think that costs not covered by insurance should be paid for with cash or credit card. But that’s not necessarily the case, particularly when patient financing is an option.

The need to have clear, comfortable conversations about treatment costs and payment alternatives is an increasingly necessary part of the overall patient care you offer. To underscore this point, consider these conclusions drawn from a recent survey performed by healthcare market research firm, Black Book and written up by Health Care Finance:

  • “Emerging healthcare pay trends reveal the opportunity to help patients better anticipate, manage and track the costs of their care,” said Black Book Managing Partner Doug Brown. “Innovative, patient-friendly payment solutions that meet consumer preferences and enable fast transactions are playing a key role in this transition.”


  • “Meanwhile, the three patient payment features in highest demand from the provider perspective are managing consumer expectations through insurance eligibility verification prior to appointment (91 percent); transparency via cost estimation, essential to prepare consumers on what they will pay (85 percent); and convenience enhancements making payments convenient for patients (87 percent).

Patients want transparency, ease and convenience when it comes to out-of-pocket costs and payments. You need payment alternatives that ensure upfront payment for services, and the ability to offer more expensive treatment alternatives.

Point-of-sale financing combined with clear treatment cost conversations can meet each of these needs.

Download our eBook, The Chiropractor’s Guide to Point-of-Sale Financing – How to Offer It to Patients and Grow Your Practice, to learn what it is and why this payment alternative is smart for your patients — and smart for your practice, too.

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