Why Millennials Make the Best Chiropractic Patients

Yes, you read that right. Millennials really do make the best chiropractic patients. It may be one of those well-kept secrets that will soon be not-so-secret. So, instead of hopping on a future bandwagon of millennial fandom, take notice now and start your own initiative to attract them to your practice. You’ll beat the rest of the crowd, and net yourself many smart, loyal patients.

Why you should love millennial patients:

  • They’re not only open and receptive, they actively seek solutions that aren’t just status quo. They look for alternative healthcare treatments. Millennials understand the concept of treating the whole person — what’s at the root of health issues, not just the symptoms.

  • The reality for millennials is this: the state of healthcare coverage is uncertain. Costs are increasing. Who knows if Social Security will be around when it’s time for them to draw upon it? They care about the long term health of their bodies and their finances. This means millennials are more cost-conscious, and willing to do research before moving forward with a procedure, treatment or even choosing a healthcare practitioner. See what money guru, Jean Chatzky, has to say in this article.

  • Millennials are well-informed about the benefits of a healthy, organic diet, meditation and yoga. They get the value of preventative and holistic health measures in order to feel good for the long term.

  • They care deeply about causes, relationships and living with purpose. Give a millennial great care and service, develop trust with them, and you’ll have an engaged advocate and patient for life – one who loves sharing opinions and experiences on social media.

Beyond making great patients, millennials seem to have all the right stuff to make great chiropractors too. Read why in this straight-talking, amusing piece written by someone who should know — a chiropractic marketer and communicator, and founder of The Art of Story Project. She’s Dr. Mary Lucas Flannery, and on her website you can learn more about the why and how of marketing to millennials. Get educated and enjoy.

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