Why Your Chiropractic Patients Benefit From Financing

Chiropractic Care Financing

Often, patients are under the impression that a single chiropractic visit is all they need to relieve their pain. But in reality, a course of treatment usually involves multiple visits. Depending on what insurance the patient has (such as an HMO) those visits might not even be covered.

In this case, the patient might opt for traditional medical treatment for his pain. It could involve prescription medications that merely mask the pain instead of eradicating it or even invasive surgery that may or may not result in effective, lasting pain relief. Are there any other options that will allow patients to forge ahead with chiropractic treatments?

Yes: Financing.

The Cost Benefits

Patients can conveniently apply for financing online and receive a decision quickly without any risk to their credit score.  Many financing plans are flexible, with multiple payment plans for qualified applicants, and offer promotional options like zero percent interest if the amount is repaid in full.

In addition, patients benefit from the steady rates and fixed payment terms that financing offers. Unlike many credit cards, loans have a set schedule, so patients will know when their repayment plan ends.

The Health Benefits

In financing treatments, a patient won’t have to worry about “cutting out early” from a numbered set of treatments because they can’t afford to maintain them. Financing allows them to continue receiving treatment until their condition is relieved.

Likewise, if a patient needs more treatments than the initial estimate to relieve his pain, the cost can be added to his financed amount and treatment can continue uninterrupted.

Chiropractic treatments can be considered preventative medicine and reduce the number of patient visits to a physician and even the need for surgery and prescription medicines.

Incorporating financing into your chiropractic practice is easy and seamless with LendingUSA’s point-of-need solution. Schedule your demo today and see how it could help your patients – and grow your practice.

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