Why Your Waiting Room Needs Videos

It’s an unavoidable fact of life that patients will have to spend time in your waiting room. While some chiropractors choose to provide their patients with television to pass the time, chances are, there are patients whose nerves will get the best of them, especially if they are unfamiliar with you or their treatment protocols.

If patients know what awaits them in your care, it will help you build patient relationships based on trust and respect; and you can accomplish this by running informational videos.

New patients may have a stereotypical image of chiropractic treatments. To separate fact from fiction, consider filming different treatments so patients (both old and new) can view them and understand what’s involved. Ideally, these videos would show each type of injury or pain issue that you treat with captioning that explains each technique as you perform it on the patient.

Testimonials are instant advertising. Ask your patients if they would like to be appear in a video testimonial for your practice. In it, you could interview patients about their initial visits, what pain or injury they experienced, how you treated them and how they fared after their treatment protocols.

For patients who want to participate, make sure you obtain releases from each patient to use his likeness and testimonial within your practice. Releases are needed from any person featured in practice media, whether they are models in a procedural “mockup” or real patients. And because this involves patient privacy, rights and non-compensation, make sure that release comes from your legal counsel and not a generic template off the Internet.

And don’t forget financing! For some, the issue of paying for treatment can be stressful and even embarrassing. Patients might even forego treatment because they feel they can’t afford it. Consider adding a video spot that outlines all your practice payment options: Cash, credit cards, checks, money orders, Paypal, and financing are just a few popular ones. When financing is simply just another component of all your other available payment options, patients won’t feel self-conscious by having to ask for it.

As for TVs versus laptops to broadcast your practice videos, consider both. Closed captioning is handy because not only does it decrease noise levels in your waiting room, patients will better absorb the information because they’re seeing it and reading it. Regardless of which viewing choices you offer, videos can provide patients with pertinent information to address their questions and assuage their fears.

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