6 Reasons Your Medical Practice Should Have A Blog

Should your medical practice have a blog? The answer is a resounding “yes.” You may not think that blogging has much to do with medicine, but it can greatly help with marketing your practice and connecting you with patients who can benefit from your services. Here are five ways that blogging can really boost your medical practice.

1) Blogging Builds Awareness for Your Practice

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Your medical practice could have the most skilled doctors, and the kindest and most knowledgeable nurses in the world, but it won’t bring people in if no one knows about it. Blogging puts you on the digital map. It lets the world know you’re here, and that you plan to be around for a while.

2) Blogging Increases Your Overall Web Presence

Blogging is part of a successful internet strategy that includes having your own dedicated website and social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In today’s digitally-focused world, if you don’t have an online presence, you don’t exist — whether you perform medical care or offer dog-walking services.

3) Blogging Better Positions Your Practice Towards the Younger Generation

Millennials communicate digitally. They text, they share photos, and they blog. Having your own blog is another way to connect with this generation. It’s an opportunity for them to learn about you and share what they know with others. A friendly and informative blog can really help bring them in.

4) Blogging Offers an Outlet for Expression

If you’re a medical professional, you’ve probably got some ideas about how to better serve the community. There’s nothing to stop you from sharing your opinions on your medical blog. Your insights could help others and even bring more people into your practice.

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5) Blogging Personalizes Your Practice

Blogging gives you the opportunity to let potential clients know what makes your practice different from the rest. Maybe your waiting room is set up in a particularly entertaining way. Perhaps you have a medical philosophy that’s a little different from the norm. Maybe you offer appealing medical financing options that you want potential clients to know about. These are all things you definitely want to share, and a blog is the perfect way to do so.

6) It’s A Free and Easy Way to Connect with Patients

Blogs are totally free and a great way to connect with existing and potential patients while setting yourself apart from the pack. It’s a way to let people know yours is a modern, tech-savvy practice they can trust. If you’ve never blogged before, give it a try, and don’t forget to promote your posts on your website and social media accounts.

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