Managing Senior Pet Care Costs with Financing

Among the many unwanted surprises that life throws at you, unexpected pet care expenses can be some of the worst. In order to keep our four-legged companions healthy and happy, pet owners ensure that these family pets receive timely care, the correct medications and, at times, costly surgical procedures.

While caring for all animals can be expensive, senior pets typically require more frequent and costly interventions.

So, what happens when your bills begin to accumulate for necessary pet care? Under the best of circumstances, an inability to cover the cost of caring for senior pets can cause an animal’s quality of life to diminish. In a worst-case scenario, pets might have a significantly lowered life expectancy.

Fortunately, your veterinarian or animal hospital can deliver a way out of this nightmarish scenario by offering financing. This solution is available at many veterinary practices and other businesses that provide pet care services. Additionally, you can find an application link here: where you can quickly check your rate with no impact to your credit score. Caring for senior pets is essential to the well-being of both the animals and you, their owners. This blog discusses why pets are so important in our homes and examines some types of pet care that might be eligible for financing.

Why Senior Pets are So Important

All pets add value to our lives. However, senior pets are often tightly integrated into a family and home. Depending on the breed and species of the pet, an animal may have been a member of your life for a decade or more.

While they’re in our lives, pets can help their owners cope with life’s stresses. Pets, especially senior pets, become a valuable outlet or companion, helping us remain active, spend an adequate amount of time outdoors and overcome feelings of depression and anxiety.

When we suddenly find that we cannot provide our senior animals with the necessary pet care because of cost or availability, we feel stressed, sad, and often anxious. This can negatively impact our quality of life.

Common Pet Care Services that Could Be Financed

In 2019, University of Michigan researchers conducted a survey of adults between the ages of 50 to 80 to determine what impact pets have on their owner’s quality of life. Among this age group, researchers found that 55% of adults in this demographic have at least one pet.

In total, more than 75% of pet owners in the surveyed group stated that having animals reduces their perceived stress levels. However, 18% also stated that providing pet care can strain their budget.

While financing cannot completely alleviate the burden associated with providing senior pet care, pet owners often find that they are more likely to utilize this opportunity with affordable payment options to cover major expenses, such as:

Planned Procedures

Even the cost of planned procedures can add up. Routine care as your pet ages can strain your household budget if you haven’t already invested in pet health insurance. Meanwhile, delaying these procedures could negatively impact your pet and lead to worsening health issues in the future.

Financing allows you to book needed procedures promptly while simultaneously spreading the cost into affordable monthly payments.


Many forms of pet care do not involve surgical procedures but instead require costly medications. The good news is that you can use financing to cover these types of purchases as well.

When discussing the cost of medications, ask the staff at your veterinarian’s office or pet care center about their financing programs. This can help minimize your out-of-pocket pet care expenses without delaying care.

Emergency Surgeries

Even the most well-trained animals of all ages can suffer injuries or medical emergencies. Whether your pet is bitten by a venomous animal, consumes a poisonous plant, or injures themselves while playing, prompt treatment is essential.

When dealing with these emergencies, pet owners shouldn’t be forced to choose between fulfilling other financial obligations and obtaining appropriate care for their companions. When choosing financing, you can focus on your pet’s health rather than immediate cost.

Understanding Financing for Consumers

You may be asking yourself: if I don’t have the money right now, why don’t I just use a credit card and pay off the bill? Financing with a personal loan is better than a credit card because payments are fixed, as are the terms.

There are other benefits to financing for pet care:

Financing for good and poor credit

Your credit doesn’t have to be perfect to qualify for financing. If your pet care center or veterinarian offers financing, you can typically check for pre-qualification without impacting your credit score.

Affordable monthly payments

You have some say about the financing terms, so you can pick an available payment plan that fits best into your budget. You can provide the care that your senior pet requires without sacrificing needs and care for the rest of your family.

Increase Buying Power

Financing and loan amounts can be designed for a variety of needs. Whether for the first batch of medicine or a large surgical procedure, your loan amount will vary and be proposed with you in mind. This means you’re not settling for services you don’t want.

Financing Made Easy with LendingUSA

If you are interested in utilizing financing for your pet’s care, LendingUSA can help. You can leverage our services to increase access to pet care services, make affordable monthly payments, and increase your buying power.

More than 150,000 borrowers trust LendingUSA to finance the important moments in their life. To learn more about how you can care for your senior pet without breaking the bank, visit LendingUSA today.

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