Pioneering Smart Financing Solutions for Life’s Important Moments

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At LendingUSA, we see the world a little differently. Our mission is to provide smart financing solutions for life’s important moments – anything from elective medical procedures to pet care. We focus on consumer products and services that make an impact on people’s lives.

We help people manage their lives at those significant milestones where credit can make all the difference.

Everything we do at LendingUSA is about being a trusted and responsible financial partner for businesses and individuals. Our vision is to build sustainable business relationships by providing innovative point of need consumer financing, and our experienced leadership team and dedicated staff are committed to making it happen every day. Our proprietary lending solutions utilize both traditional and next-generation underwriting and fraud detection techniques to help us approve loan applications in real time, often in a matter of seconds.

Focusing on the point of need is our key differentiator.  A borrower that visits a specialty merchant or provider’s physical location can explore our customized financing options quickly and easily, and see what they qualify for.

Approved borrowers enjoy fixed rates, low monthly payments, and never need to worry about prepayment penalties or ballooning interest rates. For the merchant or provider, working with LendingUSA leads to increased sales and revenue – literally many thousands of dollars a year – including up to 30% more approvals, fast funding, and no enrollment, minimum or monthly fees.

Innovative technology like our customized LendingUSA financing tablet and our smart and intuitive financing portal makes the point of need financing experience quick and intuitive. Borrowers can check their rate and complete the entire loan process in seven minutes or less.

Our customized service is just one element in our overall strategy of building strong relationships with our merchant and provider partners. We take pride in providing the tools, training, and support they need to quickly and easily offer financing, maximize approvals and grow their business. We’re all about cost-effective financing options that save money and reduce employee time commitments.

Trust is at the core of any successful business relationship.  At LendingUSA, we build the confidence of both merchant and borrower by being customer centric, reliable and transparent with our loan process. And it’s working. Our customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, earning us a consistent 98% satisfaction rating.

LendingUSA has grown dramatically in the past year. But our sights are set even higher. By focusing on point of need for the important moments in life, and continuing to build trust with both our business partners and our customers – we’re committed to changing the financing paradigm with more approvals, a simpler application process and better efficiencies every step of the way.

For more information, please contact us at 1-800-994-6177, or visit us at

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