Testimonials: How LendingUSA Supports Families in Their Time of Need

Our team at LendingUSA is always proud to offer unparalleled service at a time of great need for families. When planning for a funeral service, navigating payment options can be stressful for families who are going through an unimaginable experience.

Regardless of a family’s circumstances, we believe they should not only be able to honor their loved one with the funeral services they want, but they should receive empathy, compassion, and understanding. That’s why LendingUSA was built to finance important moments like funeral services—creating a hassle-free payment option for families who need more flexibility in their finances. Meanwhile, we ensure that funeral homes are paid within a few days.

At LendingUSA, we are known for our expertise in the funeral industry and our ability to combine that knowledge with empathy and high-quality service. However, rather than hearing from us, check out the testimonials from our borrowers:

“We wouldn’t have been able to cremate our loved one without it.”

Lending USA is a great thing, we wouldn’t have been able to cremate our loved one without it. Applying for the loan alone was one of the easiest things out of this whole process. Being able to pay in increments is going to help us so much, considering we weren’t expecting this whatsoever. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is going through the same stuff. They are so easy to work with from start to finish, even help if you need to walk through it on the phone.

—Billie Gingrich

“Even though we had to switch funerals, you were so quick to process the refund and keep us updated every step of the way.”

It has been a pleasure working with LendingUSA. [Fred] has been so very kind and shown so much compassion in our time of sorrow. We all appreciate that immensely. In addition, the turnaround time was exceptionally quick. Even though we had to switch funeral homes, you were so quick to process the refund and keep us updated every step of the way. I will surely recommend you to anyone I know that would so greatly benefit from [LendingUSA’s] great assets and services.

—Maree (Elena) Kreger

“The agent that helped us was very knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, and helpful.”

Blanch RackleyUnfortunately, too often time is not taking say thank you. A few days ago, my aunt passed away and my mom (her sister) is 80 years old, in poor health, and on a fixed income. Our loved one was in a nursing home and had been for 20 plus years. Since she was in the nursing home, it was impossible for my mom to get insurance for her. As we all know, a death is a hard time for anyone. My family has been with the same funeral home for more than 60 years. So of course, at this hard time, my mom contacted our family funeral home to arrange the service.  All was going well until it was time to discuss payment. We have had 15 plus family members buried using this funeral home and all has been on a payment plan and never a late payment in 60 years (4 in the 2000). There was no discussion, just simply, “No” to a payment plan even through two of the living family members have policies with the company.

We contacted another funeral home (Russellville Family Funeral) and they were absolutely awesome. When notified by the nursing home, they picked up our family member and completed everything without any issues. The funeral home sent us a link to LendingUSA. We completed the loan application, were pre-approved, and contacted. The person that help us was very understanding and kept with the company process (which is very important). The agent that helped us was very knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, and helpful. We had a very good experience with LendingUSA, and I would recommend others to check into the service when the time comes. Thank you LendingUSA for your time, service, and kindness.

—Blanch Rackley

To learn more about our options for families in their time of need, take a look at our funeral financing options.

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