The Future of Funerals: How to Stay Relevant

Like many businesses, funeral services are rapidly evolving. To be successful in the modern world, funeral homes need to take full advantage of new technology to serve their clients in the most effective way possible. Here are some ways your funeral home can stay relevant in a rapidly-changing technological world.

1. Expand Your Website

Every business, big or small, needs a website to succeed in today’s competitive market. However, a modern website should consist of more than a few pictures and some general information. Consider having a blog to discuss the specific things your clients may be wondering about funerals. This will not only help your existing clients, but will help new customers find your business through search engines like Google.

A Frequently Asked Questions section where people can voice difficult questions and concerns about the funeral process is also a good idea. Many service-oriented businesses even have live online chat on their websites, so customers can get fast answers to their questions without needing to call.

A video series where you can post short videos that explain the funeral process can also make a difference and increase visitors to your site. If you show your funeral home is in touch with modern sensibilities as well as the sensitivities of your clients, you can draw in many more people who need your services.

2. Offer Alternative Methods of Burial

Today’s clients may want more than the traditional options when it comes to their loved ones. For example, some companies are now offering services that turn cremation remains into diamonds or crystals. Other funeral homes offer “chemical cremation,” an environmentally friendly process that, unlike some traditional methods, doesn’t leave a significant carbon footprint. Stay up to date on burial alternatives and see which ones are feasible for your company to offer.

3. Hire Millennials

You shouldn’t hire millennials to the exclusion of older workers, of course, but some funeral homes do not seek out younger professionals at all, assuming they will not be interested in the field. However, there are many younger people interested in funerary science, and they can be a great asset to your organization. By reaching out to them, you can bring in new skills and new perspectives that can help your funeral home grow.

4. Offer Tribute Videos and Webcasts

With today’s technology, it’s easy and inexpensive to put together a memorial video of the deceased. These videos can bring great joy and comfort to mourners, and can be shown during the service or given to the family to view later.

Streaming technology also makes it easy for those who are far away and cannot make the proceedings pay their respects by looking in on the service. A simple webcast setup can allow loved ones from far away to view the service on their home computers and even offer comments and words of comfort electronically.

5. Offer Flexible Payment Options

The issue of paying for a funeral service can be a difficult one. Mourners are under tremendous stress and may be worried about the financial burden of giving their loved one the funeral they deserve. Giving mourners ways to make the process easier, like the ability pay online, or a flexible payment schedule, can be a great help.

Offering financing so that your clients don’t have to pay all the costs up front can also be a huge help. With LendingUSA’s point-of-need customer financing solution, your clients can apply for a loan directly in the office, and receive a loan decision within seconds. Plus, they receive 0% interest promotional financing (if paid within six months), fixed rates, and zero prepayment penalties or penalty interest rates. To find out more, you can sign up for a free 15-minute demo today, or call 877-751-6846.

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