Three Things Your Funeral Home Website MUST Include

Funeral Home Marketing & Advertising For Your Website

Marketing your funeral home requires a certain amount of sensitivity. Your messaging must balance caring and reverence with professionalism. On the other hand, you have to position your business over your competitors. As your target demographic becomes more tech-savvy, it’s a good idea to move into online platforms, such as a business website and official social accounts.

Your funeral home’s website is your virtual storefront, and you should put just as much effort into your online home as you would your physical office. Although it’s not rocket science, it does require you to put yourself into your prospects’ shoes. What would a person who needs your services want to see on your website? Unlike other industries, your clients are going to be balancing a lot of emotional and logistical questions when they do online research for funeral services. For this very reason, your website should include a few key elements to help them decide if your funeral home is a good fit for their specific needs.

Here are the top three pieces of information your funeral home’s website must include:

The services you offer. Many of today’s consumers now try to find answers online before picking up the phone, and this is especially true when they’re also in the midst of dealing with their own grief. By providing a full list of the services your home offers, you can save potential families the hassle of making a phone call.

Usually, when someone searches for a funeral home, they already have a few places in mind. Listing your services on your website can put you way ahead of the competition and encourage site visitors to reach out. On the other hand, not listing your services clearly or even not having a website at all may convey to your prospects that you don’t care about their convenience and are not willing to go the extra mile for them.

Photos of your facilities.  Professional photos for your facilities, including your chapel, mausoleum, gardens, lobby, and other public-facing areas can help depict your home’s personality without the need for an in-person visit. This is a way for your prospects to find out if your funeral home fits their expectations. Having a visual element also helps your funeral home attract customers who already know that your services will fit their needs. This creates the opportunity for brief, positive, and efficient discussions because your customers will be ready to move quickly.

Payment information. Families often worry about how to pay for their preferred funeral services, and this sensitive topic can be even more difficult to bring up in person. Providing clear information on your websitelike whether you offer payment plans or funeral home financing—offers families the time and space they need to make a fully informed decision in private. In many cases, funerals are unexpected events for families. While some people have pre-need policies or enough cash to cover the expense, some don’t have the opportunity or resources to plan ahead. Create a page on your website that highlights your payment options, especially if you offer funeral financing. This communicates to your prospects that you care about them and you understand that paying for a funeral can be burdensome.

In conclusion, having an updated website with a menu of services and recent photos helps your prospects pre-screen themselves based on their needs and preferences. By keeping your website polished and filled with updated information, you can attract customers to your business.

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