Webinar: Funeral Financing in 2020: How to Offer Families the Services They Need

As funeral directors face unprecedented events in 2020, helping families and serving the local community remains a consistent focus. But as funeral professionals can attest, families today are struggling to save money. And compared to previous generations, Americans are less prepared for the costs associated with funeral services.

These consistent challenges for funeral homes are amplified by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As a result, funeral homes must remain agile and make adjustments to meet the needs of families.

Watch LendingUSA’s recent webinar to learn how funeral homes can respond and continue to offer critical services for families while increasing revenue. Hosted by Elaine Valdez and Janine Carreno of LendingUSA’s Funeral Engagement team, the two boast decades of experience working in the funeral industry, with a deep understanding of what funeral directors face on a daily basis.

Learn how offering better payment options to every family can provide the flexibility that families today are looking for—and learn how your funeral home benefits from implementing this type of solution. Watch the full webinar below:


For more information on our financing options, check out our funeral home financing and lending services.

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