5 Ways to Improve Your Veterinary Clinic

How to Improve a Veterinary Practice

Countless people live and die with the health of their pets, and as the saying goes, veterinarians are the only doctors whose patients can’t tell them what’s wrong with them. If you’re a member of this caring profession, you deserve to have a successful practice. And if your business isn’t quite as booming as you’d like right now, here are five things you can do to stand out from the competition.

1. Flexible Hours 

One of the most valuable services you can offer to your clients is flexible appointment scheduling. Pets don’t get sick on a 9-to-5 schedule, and pet owners can’t always bring their pets in during regular business hours.

If you can offer pet owners evening and weekend hours, they’ll be much more likely to beat a path to your door. Even just a few extra hours here and there can make a big difference. Better yet, a concierge service, where you or one of your associates comes to the pet owner (for a small added service fee), can really appeal to on-the-go animal lovers.

2. Training Classes

There are many things that vets can teach owners to do for their pets, from administering medication to trimming claws. Offering classes can drum up attention, build goodwill and drive additional business for your practice

3. A Veterinary Reminder System

Just like people, pets need regular checkups. And once you’ve got a client, you want to make sure they come back on a regular basis — not just for the sake of your business, but for their pets’ health as well. If most of your clients aren’t responding to your reminders, you may need a better system.

Are you mailing out reminder cards? How often? Are you following up with email? Making phone calls? If you’re not maximizing appointments through your existing client base, there’s a good chance a reminder system overhaul can work wonders.

4. Outreach

It may sound old-fashioned, but going door-to-door to pet-related local businesses like groomers and pet stores can absolutely generate business. A reciprocal arrangement with some of these companies, where you agree to promote their businesses and they recommend your veterinary practice to their regular customers, can reap big dividends.

If you want to use a more modern approach, utilize the internet and social media to get the word out about your practice. And it should go without saying: if you don’t have a website yet, put one up now!

5. Grow Your Veterinary Practice with Point-of-Sale Financing

Finding out a pet needs major medical care can send owners into a panic. They want to do everything they can to keep their pet healthy and safe, but they don’t always know where they will come up with the money. Offering them financing at the point of sale can solve this problem.

With LendingUSA’s point-of-sale financing solution for veterinarians, your clients can apply for a loan right at your front desk and you can save on the high fees that come with other financing options. Clients get a fast, easy loan decision process to help their peace of mind, and you’re able to grow your practice and save more of the money you make. Schedule your free demo today!

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