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In your time of loss, the last thing you need is the worry of how to pay for a loved one’s memorial. That’s why LendingUSA is here for you, right at your point of need. Our online funeral financing and loan assistance program is fast, easy, and affordable for expenses, burials, services, emergencies and more – so you can say goodbye with dignity and grace. If you need to borrow money for a funeral, check your rate today. Offer financing options to help your funeral home. Learn more here.

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Unlike credit cards, we offer fixed payment amounts with fixed terms. This gives you greater flexibility and control over what you pay per month. It also allows you to pay no interest on principal if paid in full within the first six months of your disbursement date*.

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Funeral Service Financing


If you are searching for a way to cover funeral expenses, funeral loans are the answer. Planning a funeral is something most of us would do anything to avoid. Trying to maintain your emotions, be strong for those around you, and figure out how to cover funeral expenses is a lot to juggle at once. If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, you can take a deep breath knowing that good and bad credit types can qualify for funeral loans. Let us help you understand your options for funeral financing and loans. 

How much does it cost for a basic funeral?

Like many other goods and services, the average funeral price has been steadily climbing over the last two decades. On average, basic funeral services cost families between $8,000 to $10,000. When planning a funeral your money will be going to a variety of funeral-related expenses. In most cases, there are three main components; the funeral home, the cemetery, and the headstone. It’s likely that most of your budget will be spent at the funeral home. Funeral home expenses typically include a casket, funeral basic service fees, funeral ceremony and viewing, embalming and body preparation, and miscellaneous items such as death certificates, obituary, hearse, and so on. You can easily spend $6,000 alone just at the funeral home. Once you have selected a funeral home you can move onto selecting a cemetery.  Most cemeteries charge a grave space fee and an open/close fee (digging the grave). On average, families spend about $2,000 at the cemetery. You’ll most likely need to add a headstone to the grave which is an additional cost. Grave markers are usually much cheaper than headstones. Headstones can vary significantly in price depending on the size, materials, and details. Keep in mind, these average costs do not include food, beverages, or space rental for family to gather and celebrate the life of your loved one. If you choose to have a celebration of life, you should add this to your budget. 

What happens if the family can’t afford a funeral?

As we covered, funerals can be expensive. You could be enjoying life one day and planning a funeral the next. Tragedy strikes fast. Funeral planning usually does not leave families much time to save up cash. If you are unable to afford a funeral you can cremate your loved one or obtain funeral financing. Cremating is usually much cheaper than burying remains. In some cases, you may be able to arrange a Public Health Funeral with the hospital or local council. Although it may feel strange using your loved ones money, you should review their financials to see if they set aside money for a funeral. If they did and you have access to the funds, you can use their money. However, most families prefer to use funeral financing. Funeral financing is relatively easy to secure and allows families to grieve the loss of their loved one properly and worry about money later. 

Can you pay monthly for a funeral?

Funeral financing allows borrowers to make affordable monthly payments over an agreed upon term with interest. While you may be able to use a credit card and make monthly payments as well, it’s usually a better financial decision to use funeral financing. Funeral loans and financing usually have lower interest rates than credit cards. In most cases, funeral loans are personal loans that do not require collateral or a down payment. LendingUSA can provide quick and competitive funeral financing up to $12,000 for a wide range of credit scores. You can apply online and receive funeral financing pre-approval within seconds. LendingUSA offers loan products designed with you in mind. If you can repay your loan balance in full within six months of the disbursement date, you will not be charged any interest. You heard us right, that is 6 months at 0% interest combined with affordable monthly payments. 

Can you get a loan for a funeral?

Yes, you can get a loan for a funeral and funeral-related expenses. Banks, credit unions, and online lenders can offer funeral financing. Online lenders usually offer competitive loan offers and allow individuals to apply and secure loans from the comfort of their own home. In most cases, online lenders can fund loans faster. For individuals planning funerals, a simple and fast loan process can reduce headaches and let you focus on what is most important. Good and bad credit borrowers can qualify for funeral loans. Most lenders prefer a credit score of 620 or higher, but may make acceptions. You can apply online at LendingUSA to find out if you qualify for funeral financing without affecting your credit score. 

What are the different funeral financing options?

There are a few types of financing options for funeral loans. The type of funeral financing that is best for you usually depends on your finances and situation. Personal loans are one of the most flexible options that are well suited for many. Let’s take a look at different funeral financing options. . .

#1. LendingUSA

LendingUSA partners with a network of top-rated lenders and merchants to provide funeral financing for customers. You can apply online with LendingUSA to receive pre-approval and discover funeral homes in your area that accept financing. Alternatively, if you are already working with a funeral home, you should ask if they are a LendingUSA partner. If they are, you can apply directly with the funeral home. LendingUSA offers customers promotional financing offers, competitive rates, and a seamless no-hassle experience. 

#2. Credit Card

Credit cards may be a convenient option but you should think twice before swiping. While funeral expenses may start as a few hundred dollars here and there, they usually end up totaling thousands of dollars. Most credit cards have high interest rates, which can make the actual funeral cost much higher than it needs to be. In addition, your credit card may not have a high enough balance to cover all the funeral expenses. Credit card holders should be careful using more than 30% of the available credit limit as it may cause a drop in credit score. 

#3. Cash

Cash is usually the cheapest way to pay for funeral expenses, but you may not have enough cash on hand. Even if you do have the cash available, you may want to save it for expenses to follow the funeral or other emergencies. If you can qualify for promotional financing and pay the loan balance within the promotional period, it’s basically the same as using cash. 

Can you get a loan from a funeral home?

Some funeral homes may offer financing options. However you probably do not want to call around town asking if funeral homes offer financing during an already trying time. We recommend applying online at LendingUSA to get pre-approved for funeral financing. LendingUSA can connect borrowers to local funeral homes that can accept financing. This allows grieving survivors to spend more time grieving and healing. At LendingUSA, we can make funeral financing easy. 


We hope that you are able to find some peace of mind knowing that you can honor and remember your loved one in the way they deserve using funeral financing. Over 100,000 borrowers trust LendingUSA and you should too. LendingUSA can help you get the best funeral financing while providing a seamless and user friendly experience. Simple, apply online at LendingUSA to get pre-approved for funeral financing without affecting your credit score. 

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