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Head of Servicing and Collections

James Holder

James Holder is a highly accomplished collections expert with over 24 years of leadership experience in the financial services industry, James has built an impressive track record. He previously served as the VP of Collections at LendingPoint, where he excelled in optimizing collection results while minimizing expenses.

Recognized for his exceptional leadership skills, James has consistently fostered a culture of high performance, and motivating teams to exceed expectations. His ability to develop and implement efficient systems has been instrumental in driving outstanding outcomes. James has been at the forefront of championing challenger strategies, leveraging technology, outsourcing, and receivable sales to achieve exceptional results.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, James is dedicated to ongoing learning and keeping up with industry trends and best practices. He brings a forward-thinking mindset to LendingUSA, continuously seeking innovative solutions and adapting to the evolving needs of his operations. James’s extensive experience, coupled with his passion for excellence, has positioned him as a respected industry expert in the field of collections.

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