What Chiropractors Should Know About Cost Conversations

Chiropractic treatment is often a cost-effective method of pain management and treatment of non-acute injuries. However, it can still be expensive for people on a tight budget with little disposable income.

We have been conditioned to avoid discussing money-related topics for decades. Thankfully, our societal standards have changed drastically, and we not only welcome, but encourage money-related discussion online and offline.

However, speaking to your patient about cost and payment options can still be challenging. At LendingUSA, we work with many chiropractic offices and we’ve decided to give out our most effective tips to make your next cost conversation pleasant and productive for both you and your patient.

If a patient is not concerned about cost and how to pay, they’ll still appreciate the clear, up-front information. No one likes feeling in the dark about how much something costs.

Be concise, but don’t rush.

Give the information needed for a patient to understand the expected payments that they’ll have to make, then allow a few minutes for questions. During this process, it is critical to thoroughly explain your cost breakdown, as well as every payment option you offer. Additionally, you’ll want to be prepared to answer any questions or potential misconceptions the patient might have.

Don’t be in “sales mode.” A cost and payment conversation is not about selling.

Cost conversations call for transparency and honesty, and this is not a good stage to sell your service. The fact that your patient is interested to learn more about your payment options means that they know their need for your service. At this stage, they need honest and transparent information about the real cost of services and how to solve the payment obstacle they have.

Offer payment options like a discount for cash payments or patient financing through LendingUSA. If you sense that treatment cost is a hurdle for your patient, be as flexible and creative as possible.

We as humans, and also as consumers, like to have choices. Having another payment option when they don’t have disposable cash puts your patient at ease. This allows them to focus on the treatment they need, not the question of where to get the money for that treatment. In addition, when your patient sees your willingness to help them overcome the payment barrier, they see you as a trustworthy and empathetic professional.

If you don’t already, try bundling a set of treatments at a discounted rate.

Return customers are always a good idea for any service provider. Make the return visits cost-effective and pleasant for your patient by educating them on how the reduced cost per treatment will save them money – especially with people who need long term treatment, they want to find a reliable and affordable place, instead of searching for an urgent treatment when their pain is at its worst.

If a patient is firm that they cannot pay for the number or type of treatments you are suggesting, give them an alternative while letting them know of the potential for a lesser outcome.

When they are not able to pay for your services, patients still need chiropractic care or some alternative for their health condition. Give them your genuine recommendations, even if it is clear that they are not in the position to be your patient long term. It builds up your reputation – you never know – they might come back for long term treatment when their finances allow. All of us want to work with kind and sincere professionals, don’t we?

Be friendly and confident. If you’re at ease, your patient will be too.

The fact that you are calm, collected, and friendly puts your patient at ease. Regardless of the outcome of their visit, every patient can be a walking advertisement. Even with rapid growth in marketing, word of mouth is still the best way to get loyal clients. Be confident that your service is worth the cost associated with it. But let compassion and empathy shine through!

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