[Webinar] Funeral Financing: How to Offer Better Payment Options from Your Website

As more purchasing activity takes place online, it is critical for funeral homes to adapt to these changes and offer the solutions families are looking for—directly from their website. In fact, 88% of consumers research their buys online before making a purchase either online or in-store. That’s why LendingUSA has partnered with Batesville for our recent webinar: How to Offer Better Payment Options from Your Website.

Elaine Valdez, LendingUSA’s Funeral Engagement Manager, joined webinar host, Julie Ann Obendorf, Batesville’s Technology Program Adoption Manager, to discuss how funeral homes should be utilizing technology today. With Batesville as a frequent partner, LendingUSA offers solutions integrated with Batesville website templates to easily showcase financing options that are offered by a funeral home.

Watch the webinar below to learn what funeral homes can do to convert website traffic to families you can service. By offering financing solutions like LendingUSA, funeral homes can be equipped with all of the necessary tools to offer better payment options online, directly from their website.

Watch below:

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