How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Medical Practice

If you’re still not using social media, you’re not adequately marketing your practice. While word of mouth and other traditional forms of marketing are still effective, social media has an unprecedented ability to amplify your message, giving you more power than ever to advertise your services.

However, social media only works if you use it effectively. How can you reach (and convert) the most potential customers on social media? Knowing the right approach can make a huge difference in the success of your medical practice. If you’re new to social media marketing, or don’t feel your business is getting the most out of your social media presence, here are a few tips to help ramp things up.

Be Active

If you have pages on the major social media platforms, that’s a great start. However, if you don’t actively use these accounts, no one will notice them. It’s not enough to just set up a Facebook page and update it once every few months. You have to stay active on social media if you want to see benefits.

Staying active can be as simple as retweeting a fun fact on Twitter, posting a selfie on Instagram with some of your favorite patients, or linking to an article about your newest state-of-the-art medical equipment on Facebook. Aside from posting daily with original and curated content, you also want to engage with your audience, and follow potential new customers or service partners and encourage them to follow you. Become part of a social network and use that to draw customers in.

Offer Useful Tips

For any social media marketing to be effective, your pages need to be “sticky.” That means people don’t come to your page and just “bounce off,” moving on to the next person or company’s post or page. You want people to come to your page, stay there for a while, maybe retweet you or link to you, and come back again the next day to see what’s new.

To achieve this, it’s important to fill your social media pages with useful information, like tips on eating healthy, reviews of an emerging type of medical treatment or procedure, or anything else you think your existing and potential patients will find interesting.

Use Discounts and Other Traditional Marketing Techniques

Another way to keep your audience coming back to your social media feeds is to let people know about special deals and promotions they can get for following you, navigating to your site through a link provided on social media, or just coming in and mentioning your Facebook page.

You can also let them know about special services you offer. For example, if you offer point of sale financing to your patients through LendingUSA, you can let patients know that they can come to your practice and receive a fast loan decision right on the spot. Putting this information out on social media could create an immediate boost to your patient pool.

If you aren’t a LendingUSA member, it’s easy to become one. Just sign up for a free demo. You’ll find out how LendingUSA can save you money, streamline your financing process, and grow your revenue through more patient approvals. And don’t forget to share the benefits for patients on social media!

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