Blogs For Dentists: Best Dental Blogs For Dentists (and Patients!)

Blogs for Dentists

As a dental professional, staying informed and up-to-date is a crucial part of the job. Unfortunately, the amount of content available today is staggering. By narrowing your reading list to a few core thought leaders, you’ll be able maximize your time and influence without missing out.

Achieving Expert Status

These days, no matter who you are, the amount of content available in your area of expertise is practically limitless. Dentistry is no exception. There are podcasts, white papers, case studies, and more. To keep it simple, we’ll start with blogs, one of the simplest and most accessible forms of content.

A good dental blog not only educates, but helps to stimulate your thinking. Think of it in terms of a spark that ignites a slow burn of ideas, insights, and eventually, your mindset. You’re looking for blogs written by catalytic thinkers, whose content leads not just to a single idea, but an ongoing flow of them.

You’ll find that subscribing to, or simply reading, blog content a few times a week will unlock other content sources (such as those mentioned above). Rather than clutter your inbox by subscribing to several things at once, let a few top-shelf content sources open the door to others.

You’ll find a number of paths to explore by keeping the short list below. Thought leaders like the five bloggers below have a way of synergizing their collective output via their content.

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Dental Blogs to Sharpen Your Expertise, Magnify Your Influence, and Help You Grow Your Practice

1. My Dental Consultant

Kevin Tighe, Managing Partner, provides “vital dental practice management pearls.” The blog features “dozens of articles on topics from staff embezzlement to recommended financial policy to tips on increasing hygiene production.”

2. Delivering WOW! by Dr. Anissa Holmes

Dr. Holmes knows that “if (she) can teach dentists to be better leaders, then they will be more profitable, will have inspired teams, and patients who are raving fans.”

3. Dr. Joshua Renken – Dr. Fries-With-That

Dr. Renken’s “there is another way” approach to dentistry provides unique solutions, strategies, and systems to help you overcome the challenges of patient care. Tap into his innovative practice mindset and discover how his practice tripled in size within five years.

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4. The Dental Geek

Not “your ordinary dental industry blog,” the Dental Geek offers content that’s unique, insightful, and sometimes controversial in the field of dentistry. As they like to say, they “eat, sleep, and breathe oral health. (We) live for dentition and floss like a boss.”

5. Dentaltown

A broad community of dentists, dental marketers, and dental industry specialists. If you’re already a “townie” (as they refer to their community), keep exploring their daily refresh of content. If you’re not, start by browsing their list of active blogs covering topics that include clinical, marketing/advertising, practice growth, and tons more.

There are hundreds of online sources of dental content available. By finding a few that work for you and keeping up with them, you can continue to grow your knowledge – and your dental practice.

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