How to Gain New Dental Patients Through Inbound Marketing

People’s attention spans are typically pretty short. That’s especially true of online searches and the inbound marketing tactics that can lead new patients to you.

It’s not surprising with the amount of data, online information, and social media exchanges that an audience of potential new patients are overwhelmed and quick-to-click elsewhere. So what keeps your dental website front and center in their search bar?

What Are Your Potential Patients Looking For?

Potential new patients searching for dental services are fundamentally no different from anyone else searching online for information. They’re looking for answers to their questions, in the hopes of solving a problem they’re having.

To reach new dental patients, you must be able to answer their questions and solve their problem. The core of inbound dental marketing is listening to and helping the people searching for your services.

It’s giving them the kind of informative content that clearly answers their questions and compels them to take action based on their satisfaction with your answers.

Audience-centered content flies in the face of overly-hyped or solely creative marketing and advertising. Sure, the 30-second Super Bowl commercial compels a tear or a laugh, but does anyone remember the next day what the product being promoted does to solve a problem?

Staying Front-and-Center in the Minds of Potential New Dental Patients

1. Be intentional

As a dentist, you’re not always available for a face to face consultation. But you do have training, knowledge, and skill that can extend beyond a dental office interaction.

The goal is the face-to-face encounter that’s prompted by your patient’s sense that you are aware of their problems and have solutions for them. This is the essence of their inbound inquiries and related searches.

Are you showing up in their search results? You will if you’re intuitive with your creation and sharing of valuable content. Listen to their questions, learn their “pain points”, and leverage your knowledge to provide them with solutions.

And always keep your content useful at the benefit level. Too much content (dental included) focuses on features (“state-of-the-art” this or that, etc).

You will connect better if you keep your dental content free from industry-speak and if you “speak” in a conversational tone as if talking to one person.

2. Be consistent

Listening increases the likelihood that you will always have something useful to share with your audience of potential new patients. It will also help you become recognized as a dental authority.

Deploy information-seekers throughout your dental practice. Ask everyone from your front desk to your dental hygienists to your dental assistants to keep their ears open for questions, trends, complaints, customer service “high-fives,” etc.

Anything that’s important to a patient and comes in the form of question could be leveraged into your content stream. And content, whether video (YouTube), audio (podcast), or written (blog posts, e-newsletters, emails) can be further leveraged into a searchable library of recognized authority.

Your new dental patients will search for what they need. They’ll ask you if they perceive you have an answer. And they’ll trust you if you know how to listen and leverage their question into a solution.

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