Funeral Home Technology Comes to the Funeral Industry

Funeral Home Technology

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, using technology to meet consumer needs is becoming increasingly commonplace in the funeral industry. As funeral buyer demographics become increasingly more tech savvy, funeral professionals will need to evolve to keep up. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies already in today’s funeral home—and what’s on the horizon.

Choosing a Funeral Home via Technology

Technology doesn’t suddenly become an important component of your business as soon as someone has died. Instead, it’s a vital way to market your funeral home as a trustworthy and respected local business. This begins with a strong, professional website that clearly communicates your funeral home’s mission and vision. Take a look at this recent blog post to learn more about what you should add to your funeral home’s website.

You don’t need to be a computer whiz to have a great website. While building your own is always an option, it’s far easier and more time-effective to hire a web design service. Professional web designers and developers can not only build a site that looks great, they can also ensure it’s optimized for search engines to ensure it’s easy for potential customers to find.

Paying for the Funeral Service

You don’t ring your families up at an old-fashioned cash register, right? Financial technology advances quickly, and your families expect ease and convenience—especially for large purchases. In addition to your normal suite of payment options, it may also be a good idea to offer some form of financing. A sudden or unexpected death can leave many families in a financial lurch, with funeral services often running several thousands of dollars. Choosing a third-party financing solutions company with experience in the funeral industry, such as LendingUSA, can not only make those cost conversations less awkward—they can actually be a financial boon to your funeral home, too. When families feel financially empowered, they’re more likely to spring for the services they really want rather than settling for less expensive alternatives.

During the Service

The Covid-19 pandemic brought virtual events to the forefront, and funerals are no exception. Even as cases wane and we begin to rediscover “normal,” families and loved ones have come to expect a remote option for funeral services. You should ensure that your facilities are equipped to meet those expectations.

Additionally, incorporating technology into the ceremony can be a nice touch. With so many of our family photos and home movies now existing in the digital realm, memorial videos and slideshows will adopt a new format, too.

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